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The program

In the morning

I. Three interrupted fates

10h15-10h30 I « Hélène Berr, a stolen life » Mariette Job, Hélène Berr's niece and editor of her diary

10h30-11h00 I « Etty Hillesum : her life, her writings  and her vision», Prof. Klaas Smelik, Etty Hillesum research center (EHOC), Netherlands

11h00-11h30 I «Charlotte Salomon : "It's my whole life"», Frans Weisz, Film Director

11h30-12h00 I Break

12h00-12h30 I « The poetry of Happiness in Hélène Berr's Diary » Karine Baranès-Bénichou (tbc)

12h30-13h00 I Marianna Vasileva plays Hélène Berr’s favorite pieces on Amnon Weinstein’s violin

In the afternoon
In the evening

II. Heritage and transmission

14h30-15h00 I « Charlotte Salomon at Villefranche » Eliad Moreh-Rosenberg, Department of Art, Yad Vashem Museum, Jerusalem

15h00-15h30 I « Opening oneself to Infinity when the world is closing » Rav Daniel Epstein, Matan Institut

15h30-16h00 I Projection of "Death and the Maiden" by Yael Lotem, DocAviv Prize 2014

III The survivance of their art

16h30-17h15 I « Etty Hillesum,

Charlotte Salomon, Hélène Berr today »

Mariette Job, Prof. Klaas Smelik, Frans Weisz, Eliad Moreh-Rosenberg

17h15-18h00 I Marianna Vasileva plays Hélène Berr’s favorite pieces on Amnon Weinstein’s violin. Introduction by Amonon Weinstein (the story of the "Violins of Hope") and by Mariette Job (l'histoire du violon d'Hélène Berr)

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